RODE invisiLav: Hiding your Lavalier Microphone

Hiding your lavalier mic improves the impact of your film or video because it keeps your audience focused on the story. But just mounting a lavalier mic under someone’s shirt can result in a bunch of clothing noise. For those of us with RODE lavalier mics (RODE Lavalier, smartLav, smartLav+), we now have an affordable little accessory that can help: invisiLav. This mounting system makes it easier to mount your lavalier under the shirt of your talent and has a few other perks as well: What it does: - Gives you the ability to attach to talent regardless of what they’re wearing - Reduces some clothing movement noise by isolating the mic - Helps reduce wind noise when recording outdoors in a breeze and reduces sibilance from your talent’s voice

What it does not do: - the invisilav does a respectable job reducing some clothing and movement noise but won’t prevent noise if your talent is moving wildly

Notes: - the two-sided tape is tricky to set up but don’t give up—it works - the adhesive leaves some residue and it came off my shirt after two washes - you will eventually run out of the two-sided tape but you can always use wig or toupee tape (links below)