Which Lav Mic Sounds Best?

Now, many of you are probably here to find out which mic is which from the blind comparison we posted over on YouTube. So if you haven't already, go ahead and have a listen here and choose which one or two mics you prefer, then scroll down to see which mic you chose.

First I need to say more stuff so that you don't accidentally see the results before listening to the comparison episode. If you haven't watched it yet, make sure to watch it in 1080 HD so that you get the best possible (least compressed) sound that YouTube has to offer.

Now to stall a little more so that you don't accidentally get a glimpse of the mics, let me tell you a little bit about my new site here.  I've been getting it ready a little at a time over the last several months and I hope you find it useful. My goal is to give you a few more nuggets of useful info in between episodes over at my YouTube channel. So if you are looking for little ideas or insights from time to time, check back in here!

Ok, thanks for your patience. Just wanted to be 100% sure you didn't accidentally stumble upon the list of mics before listening to them and making your choice. And now that you've done your homework, here's the big reveal!

Microphone A: Giant Squid

Microphone B: HMNSound MicroLav

Microphone C: RODE smartLav+

Microphone D: Audio Technica Pro70

Microphone E: Audio Technica AT899

Microphone F: Audio Technica ATR-3350

What do you think? Surprised by your choice? Do you have expensive taste or is one of the lower cost options your favorite? I'm still trying to decide but I think that either B or E sound the best to me. And the only one I don't ever use for dialogue is D which is better suited to my live instrument micing projects.