Tascam Announces the DR-70D Field Recorder

1086798 Now I get why Tascam priced the DR-60DmkII at $200 USD. Turns out they had the DR-70D in the wings--a 4 XLR input, bigger brother to the DR-60D and priced at $300 USD!

So the Tascam DR-70D is very similar to my favorite little DSLR audio recorder but it adds two additional XLR inputs, reference sound mics, and a different form factor. Interesting. I would think this would be a great recorder for those that need more than two mics. My only question is, how's the battery life on this thing? If the DR-60D only gets 3 - 3.5 hours, I can't imagine that this lasts more than about 2 hours when recording with 3 or 4 mics and phantom power...

I'll have the review of the DR-60DmkII up in the next 24 hours. Interesting little device. In addition to a discussion about its pros and cons, we'll answer the question, "Should I upgrade from the DR-60D to the DR-60DmkII?"