Audio Technica AT2005USB & ATR 2100: Good Starter Microphone for Voice-Over and Screencasts

If you record voice-over, narration, or screencasts and are looking for an affordable microphone to capture your audio, the Audio Technica AT2005 USB may be a good option. It is incredibly versatile because it can record directly to your computer via the included USB cable or if you grow into a more professional audio interface or field recorder, it can also output to an XLR cable. It is a cardioid dynamic mic which means you have to work pretty close to it but it also does a very nice job rejecting most room reverb (known by non-audio types as “echo”).
Inicdentally, the Audio Technica ATR2100 microphone is almost identical to the AT2005. The only differences I could see is their finish color, the shape of the grill/pop filter, and the switch is slightly different. Otherwise they appear to be the same—same capsule, both with USB and XLR output.
Let’s take a closer look and listen and see whether it is a good option for your projects.