Comparison of Aspen HQ-S and JK MicJ 044 Lavalier Microphones

I'm getting started on a comparison review of the Aspen HQ-S and the MicJ 044 lavalier microphones. They're both sub $50 USD lavaliers with 3.5mm plugs. The MicJ has a TS plug while the Aspen has a TRS. The Aspen records the same mono signal to both right and left channels on stereo recorders like the Zoom H1. In my initial tests, the MicJ produces a slightly stronger signal by about 3dB when looking at average RMS aptitude for this one-line clip, though only to the left channel. Not a big deal, I just drop the right channel and then convert to a dual-mono (stereo) track.

Here's a comparison of one line of dialogue where all I did was some compression and then loudness normalized to -21 LUFS.

What do you think in terms of audio quality so far?

First is the Aspen HQ-S with 3.5mm TRS plug.

[audio wav=""][/audio]

Next, the JK MicJ 044 with 3.5mm TS plug.

[audio wav=""][/audio]