RODE NTG-4 and NTG-4+: Innovative New Affordable Shotguns for Enthusiasts

RODE NTG-4+ And speaking of RODE, they also just announced two new Shotgun mics for enthusiast filmmakers: The NTG-4 and NTG-4+. These sit between their NTG-2 (an approximately $220 USD mic) and their professional NTG-3 (a $700 USD mic). The feature set includes several nice little upgrades from the NTG-2, my workhorse shotgun:

  • Super Cardioid Broadcast Quality Sound
  • Low Noise Circuitry
  • Condenser Transducer
  • Rugged Metal Construction
  • On-Board Power Button and LED
  • High Frequency Boost Button
  • High Pass Filter (Flat or 75 Hz)
  • -10 dB PAD Button
  • Low Handling Noise

And then the NTG-4+ also has a built-in LiOn battery that apparently powers the mic for 150 hours and includes a USB port so that you can charge it nearly anywhere (including in your car)

But the thing that intrigues me most about this is the newly designed capsule that is apparently not quite as bright as many other microphones. You know, that brittle, sibilant sound that many modern mics produce? But then if you need a little more sparkle, you can always turn on the high frequency boost feature built into the mic. That sounds pretty handy!

Another item to put into my "To review" pile...