Dialogue Audio Post Processing for Film and Video


I always do at least some post-processing of my dialogue audio. I think some are under the mistaken impression that you can just buy a decent mic, record, and publish and you'll have awesome sound. That can be fine for quick-and-dirty videos, but if you really want good dialogue audio, you’ll need to do some post processing.
This is an evolving process as I learn, but this is what I do currently to get pleasing, prominent, good sounding audio that plays back reasonably well, even on mobile devices. For TV the only difference would be to normalize at a lower loudness (-24 LUFS).
This is what I do in Adobe Audition. This is a pretty manual process but gives you lots of control over the final sound. If you willing to sacrifice a little control for a quicker workflow, you can try using Auphonic.com to automate the process.