What Should We Cover Next?

http://youtu.be/fAXq4qDN0Jk In this quick update we talk about some of the things we’ll cover in the next few weeks and ask you to vote on what you’d like to see in the future: DaVinci Resolve color correction and color grading or audio processing in Adobe Audition? RØDELink Wireless lavalier microphone system or RØDE NTG4+ shotgun microphone?

Our upcoming episodes include a new cheap lavalier mic comparison: The Aspen Mics HQ-S versus the Giant Squid and JK MicJ 044 lavalier microphones, each with 3.5mm plugs for recorders (like Zoom H1) or cameras. Then a look at the video features of the Sony a5100 interchangeable lens mirrorless camera with an APS-C sensor. Interesting little camera with impressive video quality. Then we'll probably have a look at the Atomos Shogun. This will not be a full review but more a look at what types of workflows it works for.

So sound off in the comments! Let's hear which topic you'd like to cover first!