Sony a5100 Video Features

"Which camera should I buy?” I get that question from time to time. Usually it is from someone wanting to get started shooting video. So in this episode, let’s look at one pretty good option for the aspiring video and film maker: The Sony a5100.

This is one of the more affordable options in large sensor, interchangeable lens camera systems. And Sony has done a great job in terms of balancing features, price, and quality.

If you're looking for your first camera for video, give this one some consideration. And if you're looking for a nice 2nd camera, this is also a good choice.

Why not just get the Sony a6000 instead? The main thing for me was that the a5100 has the better video recording format: XAVC S which records at 50Mbps whereas the a6000 only has AVCHD and tops out at 24Mbps.

Downsides of the a5100? No mic input. No viewfinder (EVF). But the price is nice and the footage it produces is impressive!