Back from NAB 2015

Whew! This year was my first at NAB and I'm pretty overwhelmed right now. For my first visit I decided to start off slow and will be creating a set of short videos over the next few days highlighting some of the more interesting things I saw and learned while on the show floor. For now, there are a couple of special deals going that are pretty nice if you're in the market for these particular items:

Nikon D750

Nikon D750 Camera Body for under $2000. That's an amazing deal for anyone looking for a nice full frame camera. I own this and can vouch that it is an amazing stills camera and surprisingly good at video despite is relatively low bitrate. I record to an Atomos recorder and it produces fantastic footage that way and works around the limited bitrate.


I also dropped by a session hosted by FCPWorks which is a consulting group for Final Cut Pro X users - especially larger productions. But they're obviously big on FCPX and brought in Denver Riddle from Color Grading Central to demo his new professional color grading plugin for FCPX called Color Finale. Right now there's a 30% off special (bringing the price to right around $70 with coupon code "NAB2015"). I've been super impressed playing around with it today and it is a huge time saver. I may not have to round trip to Resolve nearly as often now because this has an impressive feature set including color wheels, curves, LUT support, vector secondaries, and layer opacity. Definitely worth a look if you use FCPX for editing and want to save some time round tripping to color correct or aren't a fan of FCPX's color boards (I'm not a huge fan).

I have lots more to tell you about, especially on the audio and lighting fronts, and will get started posting over the next few days.

Oh, and my RØDE NTG4+ should arrive tomorrow so I'll begin tests with that as well for the upcoming review!