Reflectors: Indispensable Lighting Tool

I've said it before, so excuse me if I'm sounding redundant, but I find these 5in1 reflectors to be super useful.

Sort of the classic 3 point lighting scheme is something I like to change up using these reflectors with consistent, reasonably dimensional results. Let me explain.

The classic three point lighting scheme for talking head shots is a key light 45 degrees to one side (or variations on the angle), fill light on the other side of the talent to fill the shadows, and then a hair light or kicker from above and behind the talent to separate them from the background. Solid strategy, I recommend it.

But I actually like to do away with the fill light and use a reflector instead, just the white surface. Makes for a more dramatic look with more contrast in most cases. I'm not criticizing fill lights, I just find it easier to work with reflectors for that role in most cases.

Here are a previous couple of episodes where we cover lighting and reflectors:

If you don't have any reflectors, today may be a good time to pick up one or two. B&H Photo has the Impact 42" 5in1 reflectors on special for $25.

One of the other great things about these is that the middle section is a scrim that you can use to soften light very effectively. For example, for a key light, I'll sometimes shoot a fresnel light through the scrim and get the same effect as a softbox. Handy.