Cage for Atomos Shogun: Varavon Armor

I really like the Atomos Shogun for a lot of reasons. It is a great monitor, the files it records to ProRes are buttery smooth in edit so I don’t have to transcode my 4K footage, and it has a whole series of valuable exposure, color, and focusing tools.

But there are a couple of things I don’t love: The case is plastic, and not a super high density, really tough plastic. Also, the microphone lemo cable puts a lot of strain on the lemo input, so much so, that I don’t like using it for fear that I’ll tear the port right out of the Shogun. So I was interested in cages for the Shogun and it just so happens that several have become available on the market just recently.

In this episode we’ll take a close look at the Varavon Armor cage for Shogun. Overall, the cage fits my needs quite nicely, protects the Shogun so that I no longer worry about falls, and provides some solid rigging for the audio lemo, dc power, and HDMI inputs.