Sound for Video Course Released!

After many long weeks of work, sweat, and a few tears, my online course on recording sound for video and film is ready and available!

I wanted to do something that would work for a subject as in-depth as recording sound for video. Just posting a bunch of videos wasn't going to cut it because there are plenty of places to get stuck while learning the fundamentals. So with the course, we will also hold weekly online help sessions where you can ask any question related to recording sound for video and we'll discuss options for solving those problems.

The pricing, a one time fee, is normally $79 but for those of you who have subscribed to my YouTube channel and frequented my blog, you can get the course for $49 through the end of September 2015. That's as a token of thanks for all of your support, comments, questions, and encouragement!

Can't wait to meet up with you on the weekly help sessions!