RODE's New Audio Gear at IBC 2015

Of the new products RODE announced today at IBC, the two that are most intriguing to me are the i-XLR and RODELink News Shooter kit. I haven't seen prices on any of these yet.

The i-XLR looks like a pretty nice way to record with an XLR based microphone into an iPhone or iPad. Depending on how well its preamp and analogue to digital converter work, it may be a nice, low-cost choice for someone that is just getting started and don't have a big budget for an XLR based audio recorder. Not sure whether it can provide phantom power so that would limit it to dynamic and self-powered microphones but that's often what you're using when in a reporting situation. But it should work with something like the NTG4+ or NTG2.

The RODELink News Shooter looks even more interesting to me. The obvious use for this is on a reporter's handheld microphone. And that's great, but it can also be used on a Shotgun or boom microphone as well - it supplies 48v phantom power. That's an interesting scenario. It can also still be used with a lavalier microphone can be powered by two AA or a Sony NP-F style battery! Nice work RODE! You guys are cranking out some interesting gear for the film and sound enthusiast crowd!

The carbon fiber Boom Pole Pro looks interesting as well. It is not internally cabled off the shelf but evidently you can remove the top cap and cable internally yourself. Though I'm not sure on two things: 1) if you put a straight cable inside the pole, you'll run in to potential noise when cuing the pole between actors as the cable slaps against the inside of the pole and 2) Not sure where the cable exits on the bottom of the pole. Do you just remove the bottom cap? In any case, will be interesting to see this up close.