K-Tek Carbon Fiber Boom Pole Special Pricing

B&H has special pricing on the carbon fiber K-Tek Avalon KEG 150CCR boom pole. This is the pole I use and I don't think I could be happier with it.

It is amazingly lightweight, sturdy, internally cabled (with a coiled cable so it doesn't slap around inside the pole), and has a right angle XLR connector at the base of the pole so that I can rest the pole on the ground between takes. The XLR female connector at the top of the pole comes with a plastic webbing on it to prevent the connector from damaging the carbon fiber pole when not connected to a mic. Thoughtful design through and through.

This pole has five sections and extends to 12.5 feet which has not left me wishing for more reach yet. The twist lock for each section is very smooth and firm.

No, it isn't a cheap, but this is a pole that should serve for years to come. You can buy replacement parts. (try that with budget options and I think this is one of the big differentiators of pro vs. consumer gear - products that can be serviced).