Tascam DR-10L Micro Recorder and Lavalier Review

If you need to record audio wirelessly but you don’t have a lot of money and you want to make sure you get the best possible audio quality, the Tascam DR-10L is worth a look. It is not a traditional wireless lavalier microphone kit. Instead of transmitting the audio to your camera, it records the audio. Then when editing your video, you simply sync the audio from your Tascam to the video recorded by your camera. Don’t worry, it isn’t hard as you can see here:

The audio quality of the Tascam is quite good, especially if you place the lavalier microphone on the talent’s forehead or their ear. I know, that sounds like crazy talk, but it sounds much better than on the talent’s chest. Try it some time!

The DR-10L has a solid feature set on the most critical things. Battery life is good at 7 hours on a single AAA alkaline battery (longer on Ni-MH or lithium), easy to use controls, a useful screen, a locking plug for the microphone, and more. Let’s have a closer look!