Reflector that Stays In Place: PixelAddix Grip Reflector

One of the most affordable and useful lighting tools are reflectors. We’ve talked about 5-in-1 reflectors quite a lot in previous episodes. Most of these reflectors are circular which is a nice shape for lighting but they’re difficult to mount to a light stand, you cannot position it precisely, and so you often have to have someone hold it in place for you. That’s not at all convenient.

PixelAddix has this interesting 5-in-1 reflector that solves that problem. Instead of a round bounce reflector, theirs is sort of tear-drop shaped and has a nice, solid grip handle at one end. This makes it so that you can hold it with one hand, something that is difficult or impossible with circular reflectors. And what’s even better is that the handle has a 1/4-20 tap so you can mount the reflector to a tripod or to a light stand using one of these umbrella adapters.

This way, not only do you not need someone to hold the reflector, you can position it any way you need to perfectly finesse the light.