Special Pricing on Panasonic, Azden, and Zoom Products

During the WPPI Conference (Wedding & Portrait Photography International), B&H Photo has some nice price cuts on some nice gear for filmmakers. Here are some of the discounts worth considering if you're in the market:

Zoom H5 Handy Recorder is what I like to think of as Zooms next generation or step up from the H4n. The mic preamps produce more gain and are cleaner than the H4n and the overall build is sturdier. This is a nice option for a first recorder with XLR inputs.

Several deals on Panasonic's mirrorless camera lineup including the GH4 for $1300 and the GX8 for $1000. I originally spent $1700 for my GH4 and it is my first choice among the cameras I own for shooting video.

I was surprised to see that the Azden SMX-30 Camera Shotgun Microphone I just reviewed also got a price cut down to $230 and its little brother, the SMX-15 is down at $180. Both are nice starter shotgun mics.

It looks like pricing is good through the 9th. Only buy if you're looking to solve a specific problem, ok?