Sound for Video Session: Which Microphone Should I Use?

In this week's session we discussed choosing microphones for different types of shoots. Also answered a few questions regarding how shotgun microphones respond to off-axis sound (e.g., a car driving by) and using omni-directional mics when recording two people.

Here's my general approach to choosing a mic:

Will the shoot be outdoors or indoors?
 - Indoors - cardioid microphone (super or hyper cardioid) like   the Audio Technica AT4053b, AKG Blue Line, Audix SCX1HC,   Schoeps CMC641, Sennheiser MKH50
 - Outdoors - Shotgun microphone

Will the talent be stationary or moving while talking? Do I have someone to operate a boom mic?
 - Moving and no boom op? Lavaliers
 - Stationary or you have a boom op? Shotgun or cardioid

Does the microphone need to be hidden?
 - Yes - Will the talent be in frame?
  - No - voice-over mic - Electrovoice RE20 or large      diaphragm condenser microphone (RODE NT1, Neumann    U87)
  - Yes - plant mic - hide a lavalier or cardioid in the set
 - No - can work great for talk shows where it is ok for the mic   to be seen

And here is the video example of a plant mic we discussed. Ty Ford is a talented sound mixer and musician. In this piece, see if you can see the plant mic.