Free Audio Plugin Voxengo SPAN for Post Processing Sound

One of the most important tools for post-processing audio is a spectrum analyzer. In this episode, we discuss a free spectrum analyzer plugin for almost all digital audio workstation apps called Voxengo SPAN.

Even if you’re just starting out processing your audio, a spectrum analyzer like SPAN will not only teach you a lot about how sound works, but will also help you to solve practical issues and make processing decisions. We introduce the idea of multi-band compression and illustrate how SPAN can help you decide where you set the boundaries for the different bands.

The end result? Audio processing that improves the quality of your recorded dialgoue.

Because you sometimes ask, the voiceover in this was recorded with the Electrovoice RE20 microphone and the audio we show in Audition was recorded with an Audio Technica AT4053b Hyper-cardioid microphone and recorded with a Sound Devices 633 mixer/recorder.