Zoom U-44 Record 4 XLR Mics to Your Computer or iPad

At NAB 2016, we talked with Samuel Greene at the Zoom booth about an interesting new portable audio interface which allows you to record high quality audio from XLR based microphones directly to your computer or iPad - the Zoom U-44. The preamplifers in the U-44 are based on the same design as those in the H6 so they’re quite good based on our previous review. You can also connect any of the Zoom microphones originally designed for the H6 and H5, including the module to add two additional XLR/TRS inputs. And keeping with Zoom’s tradition, the U-44 is aggressively priced at $199 USD and will begin shipping in May 2016.

At the same time, Zoom will also release a two input version (does not have the accessory jack) for only $149 USD - the Zoom U-24.

Special thanks to Scott Vanderbilt who was kind enough to bring his brand new Sony FS5 camera to film this series.