Tentacle Sync: Simplify Sync of Audio to Video

At NAB 2016, we talked with Ulrich of Tentacle Sync about their new little timecode devices and software to simplify syncing audio to video when you recorded them separately. We know that to get the very best sound, you usually need to record your audio to a proper audio recorder, separate from the camera. But then you have the manual process of syncing the audio back up to the video in post production. Tentacle Sync makes this much simpler by automating the sync process for you, even if your camera or audio recorder don’t have timecode features.

Tentacle Sync is the result of a recent successful Indigogo campaign and it looks like their first round of product have sold out but more should be available by the end of May according to their site. Also note that the software to automatically sync is currently Mac only and is included in the kit. The kit also includes a utility for Windows which takes the camera tracks and converts the audio timecode to file timecode so that when you do import the camera footage and your audio files into your NLE (video editing app), you can sync from there (not quite as fast as the Mac app, but still much quicker than manually syncing).

Special thanks to Scott Vanderbilt who was kind enough to bring his brand new Sony FS5 camera to film this series.

You can learn more about Tentacle Sync at their site.