Sound for Video Session: Hiding Lavalier Microphones

** Apologies - the audio is absent until 2:03 - I'm considering moving away from Google Hangouts on Air for the future **

Here are a bunch of ideas on where and how to hide lavalier microphones. I still find boom microphones to be my first choice, but when that's not an option, I resort to these methods for micing.

Here are some of the products we cover in the video:

Moleskin - Adhesive on one side, fine felt on the other. Something you'll definitely want in your kit if you're hiding lavalier microphones.

Gaffer Tape - A must have tape that can be used for almost anything. Don't confuse this with duct tape. Gaffer tape's adhesive is much better quality and much less likely to leave a nasty residue on the things you tape.

Toupee Tape - great two sided tape for mounting a mic under a hat or even under clothing.

Surgical Tape - Usefule for adhering to skin

Hush Lav - Foam cylinder which envelops the lavalier mic and helps reduce clothing noise. Best suited for mics shaped like the Sanken COS-11D or RODE Lavalier/smartLav+

Rycote Undercovers - Another option which includes the two-sided adhesive dot plus some felt to place over the mic.