Reduce Echo & Reverb with Sound Blankets

Is your sound for your video projects plagued with annoying echo and reverb? One way you can reduce that issue is by using sound blankets on set. Here we talk about some of the practical ways to use sound blankets to improve the sound of your videos!

I bought Producer's Choice sound blankets about a year ago and after I washed them about 3 to 4 times each, found them to work quite nicely. I generally throw the blankets on hard floors, tables, and counters and hang them on Century Stands behind the camera. I attach the blankets to the stands with these basic spring clips. You'd be surprised at what a difference it can make for your recordings.

**Update August 2016: VocalBoothToGo contacted me and explained that they did have an issue with one of their suppliers in China delivering smelly cotton but have since worked that out. They said that they would send me one of the newer blankets. I'm looking forward to the new blanket and to confirm it ain't so stinky!