Focus Shifter Light Weight Follow Focus for DSLR Lenses

Autofocus on most DSLR and mirrorless cameras while shooting video isn’t that great. It gets confused and sometimes tries to focus on things you dont want it to focus on. But manually focusing can be really tricky too. And what if you want to do a dramatic rack focus? Very difficult.

That’s where a follow focus comes in to play and makes this all quite simple. The problem with most follow focus products is that they’re quite expensive and they require you to rig up your camera with rods which makes your camera rig much heavier. The Focus Shifter aims to solve this problem at a reasonable price and by keeping things very lightweight.

Full disclosure: Engineerable gave me this follow focus free of charge for doing this review. They did not pay me further to do this review and did not specify what I was able to say or not say.