3 Audio Adapters for Mirrorless and DSLR Cameras: JuicedLink, beachtek, and Saramonic

If you shoot with DSLR or mirrorless cameras and you want to connect multiple lavalier or XLR microphones, an audio adapter may be a good option for you. But can you really produce high quality audio with one of these adapters? Let’s have a listen to three adapters and see: The JuicedLink Riggy Assist 222, the beachtek DXA-Micro Pro, and the Saramonic SR-PAX2.

The audio for this episode was recorded entirely with these adapters (noted for each clip) along with a decent to good quality condenser microphone (RODE NTG2 and Audio Technica AT4053b).

So that you can evaluate the sound quality from each of these adapters, we did not do any processing of the audio clips aside from loudness normalizing each clip to -23 LUFS, the European broadcast standard for TV loudness. No EQ, no compression, no de-noising, etc.

Full disclosure: For this comparison, B&H lent me the JuicedLink RA222, beachtek gave me the beachtek DXA-Micro Pro, and Saramonic gave me the Saramonic SR-PAX2.