JuicedLink Little DARling Review: Like Wireless Lavalier but Different

Wireless lavalier kits are expensive. And they are sometimes finicky. They drop the audio when the transmitter is too far from the receiver. RF interference can cause problems as well. Wireless has its place, for sure, but sometimes you also need a backup. Or perhaps you don’t have the budget for a wireless system just yet.

This is where the JuicedLink Little DARling comes in. It is a tiny little audio recorder which looks very much like a wireless lavalier microphone transmitter body pack. But instead, it records the audio from the lavalier microphone. Then when you’re done shooting, you sync the audio recorded by the DARling to your video clip in your video editing app.

This entire episode was recorded with the Little DARling and a Sanken COS-11D lavalier microphone hidden under my shirt collar. For this review, B&H lent me the JuicedLink Little DARling DAR123.