Sound for Video Session: Line Level Inputs, Zoom F8, Limiters, and Brighter Sound

In this week's sound for video session, we talked through several questions:

- How do you feed a microphone into the line level inputs on the Sound Devices 633?

- Zoom F8 - file naming issues, limiters

- Which mics can you use outdoors? Sanken CS3e

- Do you blend lav and boom mics?

- How do I make sound "Brighter" in post?

- Recommendations for starter boom mic and recorder kit?

- How do I send audio from my recorder to my camera?

- Can an Orca OR-30 sound bag hold a Zoom F4 or F8 plus three or four microphones?


Small preamps to feed line level inputs on your recorder:

RODE NT5 Microphone

My recent meta-review of several audio recorders:

Orca OR-32 sound bag

Orca OR-34 sound bag

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