Sound for Video Session: Richer Dialogue, Reporter's Mics, Lip Smacks, Recorders for Ambience

This week we answered sound questions from several of you including the following:

  • How can I make dialogue sound fuller?

  • Recommendations on “reporter’s” microphones?

  • Is there a faster way to remove lip smacks and other mouth noises?

  • Recommendations on handheld stereo recorders for capturing ambience and foley?

Gear discussed and used to produce this episode:

Sennheiser MD46 Cardioid Dynamic Reporter’s Microphone

Zoom H5 Handy Recorder (for ambience and foley)

Electrovoice RE20 Dynamic Microphone (Voiceover for this session was recorded with this)

Antelope Orion Studio Audio Interface (Voiceover for this demo was recorded with this)