RØDELink Performer Wireless Handheld Microphone Kit

Sometimes I shoot live events. In my case that is mostly corporate conference meetings. In these cases, sometimes a wireless lavalier is the best option but in others, we don’t have time to get the lavalier microphone in place and a handheld wireless mic is a better option. RODE has just introduced their new RODELink wireless handheld microphone kit which fits this niche for me quite nicely. In this overview I cover my initial impressions as well as the features of the kit. In short: RODE has added an affordable, high quality option to their RODELink wireless system!

Thanks to RODE for providing the Performer kit for this review. They have not paid me beyond providing the mic and all of the opinions shared here are my own.

The RODELink Performer kit is slated to start shipping in mid October 2017.

Links to Gear Discussed and used to shoot this review:

RODELink Performer Handheld Wireless Microphone Kit

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RODELink Newsshooter Wireless Reporter’s Microphone Kit

Aputure COB120t (used to light light me in the talking head shots)

FalconEyes CLL-1600TDX (used as the background light in the talking head portions of this video. This thing is HUGE)

FalconEyes RX-18TD (used as a rim light bounced off of foam core in the talking head portions of this video)

Aputure COB120d (used to light the product shots)

Sound Devices 633 Audio Recorder

Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro Cinema Camera

Nikon 50mm f/1.8 AF-D Lens

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