Sound for Video Session: Audio Quality, Mixing and Loudness, Smartphones, Cables, Fairlight

In this week's Sound for Video Session, we answer questions about the following:

00:10 Camera vs audio recorder quality?

01:49 Mixing and loudness - which order should you do thing?

04:50 Gear for recording high quality audio with smartphones?

08:04 I'm picking up an AM radio station in my recordings, what should I do?

09:45 Sound Devices 633 - which inputs do you use for wireless and boom mics?

14:52 How to record in live theater?

16:44 When do you use a shotgun vs. a supercardioid when recording indoors?

18:12 How do you set levels when run & gunning?

19:22 How do I record better quality audio to smartphones?

21:56 What's the next step up in quality for wireless (up from RODELink, Sennheiser G3)?

26:39 What are your impressions on DaVinci Resolve and Fairlight for audio processing?

30:47 Do microphone cables that cost more make a difference?

Previous session on recording live sound with Mike Stranks:

Links to gear discussed:

Remote Audio 25 foot Canare Microphone Cable

Shure TA3-F to XLR-M Adapter Cable (e.g., to take a feed from DJ mixing board to SD 633 line input)

RODE iXLR - Adapter for Dynamic XLR Microphones to Apple Lightning (record with reporters' microphones to your iPhone)

Saramonic SmartRig+ XLR to 3.5mm preamplifier and adapter with phantom power.


Lectrosonics Professional Wireless Systems

Presonus Faderport Controller Surface for Mixing - affordable, motorized linear fader makes mixing easier and quicker.

Mogami Professional XLR Microphone Cables

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