Sound for Video Session: Tentacle Sync E and MixPre, Booking Jobs, Mixing 2 Boom Mics, and More

In this week’s Sound for Video Session, we cover the following questions:

00:13 Does a Tentacle Sync E write audio or meta data timecode to the MixPre-3?
00:38 How do you book a location sound job?
03:50 How do you mix 5.1 surround in Premiere Pro (we cannot answer this, but cover why you probably want to do this in Audition instead)
05:02 Does using two boom mics make more work for post production? Should I instead use one boom mic and queue between the talent?
07:40 Here’s my audio post workflow. Any suggestions to improve it?
10:47 With Tentacle Sync E, I’m not getting any audio into my Canon C100mkII. Help!
14:59 How do I break into the semi-pro corporate video world and start earning money?
18:00 Questions about Zoom F8 on a documentary film.
23:49 Why can I not power my Sound Devices MixPre-3 with my Anker USB Power Bank?
26:28 Should I use Audition or Izotope RX to process my dialogue audio?
33:29 Should I buy the Zoom F4 or Sound Devices MixPre-3?
35:27 Bonus: How much light does the Aputure COB300d put out at two meters with the light dome?

Zoom F4/F8 vs Sound Devices MixPre-3/6:

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3.5mm TRS to dual XLR cable for getting timecode and audio into Canon C100
Dugan Automixer Plugin
Comparison of Izotope RX Versions: Elements vs Standard vs Advanced

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