Sound for Video Session: Sound to Director, Mixing Lavs, Crew, Gain, Wireless, Recorders

In this week's Sound for Video Session we run through several questions:

- How to get sound to a director?
- How to mix lavalier mics for dual talking head shots?
- Advice for working with crews?
- How to set gain for Senheiser G3 system?
- Recommendations for wireless systems in the less than 600 GBP range
- Affordable recorders for nature and concert recordings


Previous session: G3 Wireless hop to camera or director

Zoom H4n Pro - Affordable, decent stereo recorder for natural sound and concerts

Zoom H5 - Affordable, slightly better stereo recorder with better input controls

RODE NTG4+ - Shotgun mic with better rear rejection, slightly mid-range sound

Aputure Deity - Shotgun mic with slightly better sound but lets in more sound from the sides and back

The name of the iOS app which defines many of the terms you need to know when working on set of a larger production is Gobo. It looks like it may not longer be available in the US App Store. :(

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