Tentacle Sync E - Just Announced: Smaller, Bluetooth Enabled Timecode Generator

Last year I decided to simplify the process of shooting dual system sound (sound recorded to a separate audio recorder rather than the camera). The process of clapping at the start of each clip makes it easier to sync the sound and video files together, but it still takes a fair bit of time on bigger projects.

That lead me to talk with the guys at Tentacle Sync while at the NAB show in 2016. I was impressed by what their Tentacle Sync timecode generators could do and they were priced more reasonably than many of their competitors' generators. Here is the original interview we did with them in 2016:

We also ran through an overview of how timecode works and how it simplifies the process of syncing audio to video in this previous Sound for Video Session:

This year at the NAB show, several timecode companies announced new, smaller timecode generators, including Tentacle Sync. Here is an overview of their newest offering, the Tentacle Sync E.

Thanks to Cary Judd for the camera work. Tricky job since we decided to go without a tripod.

Pricing and exact time of availability are still to be determined, but the original Tentacle Sync was the most affordable way to get into timecode generators of which I am aware. Keep an eye on Tentacle Sync for updates on release and pricing.

In the meantime, their original Tentacle Sync does a nice job. And they didn't pay me or give me anything to say that, I'm just speaking from personal experience.