Sound for Video Session: Timecode Hardware & Compression in Izotope RX

In this week's Sound for Video Session, we have a look at some timecode hardware options and briefly discuss compression in Izotope RX.


Timecode Generators Comparison Spreadsheet

Previous session where we demonstrated timecode workflow:

Previous session where we demonstrated compression/loudness normalization in Izotope RX:

Gear Discussed in this episode:

Tentacle Sync Timecode Generator - Comes with Tentacle Sync Studio which is a one option among 3 options you will need if using a timecode generator with a camera or recorder which does NOT have a dedicated timecode input.

Moze Gear TIG Q28 Timecode Generator - The other generator I use. Great, solid design which you set using tiny switches. No fuss, no fancy wireless, just solid timecode.

Ambient NanoLockit Wireless Timecode Generator - Very interesting new wireless timecode generator at a reasonable price.

Timecode Systems :wave Wireless Timecode Generator with Genlock, Wordclock and B:link - sophisticated wireless timecode, genlock generator/transceiver. This is much more expensive but also much more capable.

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