Sound for Video Session: Q&A Safety Track vs Limiter, Which Camera, Which Mic and More

In this week's Sound for Video Session we discuss several questions submitted by you!

  • Safety track or limiter?

  • Clipping at -2dB?

  • Is there a better way to rig a Zoom H5 to camera?

  • What’s a good camera for video and photo with a 3.5mm mic input and headphone jack?

  • Which other microphones should I get?

  • When should I use a hyper-cardioid mic instead of a shotgun mic?

  • AT4053b outdoors?

  • Why is my Zoom F8 picking up an FM radio station?

“Homeless” recorded outdoors with an Audio Technica AT4053b Hyper-cardioid microphone:

Session on how to match levels on audio recorder and camera so you can monitor levels from camera:

Audio Adapter comparison

Links to gear we discussed or used to record this session:

Sennheiser MKH416 Shotgun Microphone - Perhaps the quintessential pro shotgun microphone

Audio Technica AT4053B Hyper-cardioid Microphone

Schoeps CMC641 One of the most commonly used super-cardioid microphones by the pros for indoor dialogue

Rycote Cyclone Wind Shield & Shock Mount

Zoom F8 Audio Recorder

Shure SM58 Vocal Microphone

beachtek DXA-Micro Audio Adapter for DSLR and Mirrorless cameras

Panasonic GH4 Camera 

Panasonic GH5 Camera

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