Sound for Video Session: Recording Live Sound with Mike Stranks

One question that has come up quite often in our Sound for Video Sessions is, “How do I record a live concert?” I have done a tiny bit of this, but wanted to bring someone on to the show who has a fair bit more experience and in this case, that someone is Mike Stranks. Mike is based in the UK and has been recording live sound in various forms since the early 1970s. Thanks to Mike for generously sharing a bunch of information to help us get started on recording concerts!

Links to gear we discussed in this session:

Line Audio CM3 hypocardioid and OM1 omnidirectional mics:

Line Audio's Website

Pink Noise Systems - UK distributor but ship worldwide

The “public face” of Line Audio

SRS 3D-printed mic clips

Rycote Invision Shockmounts

K&M Slimline stand extender

K&M wide stereo bar

Isolation Transformer (to eliminate buzz or hum)

Zoom F4 Audio Recorder (Mike’s primary recorder)

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