Sound for Video Session: Timecode Generators

In this week’s Sound for Video session, we take a quick look at several timecode generators available on the market today.

The table comparing the TC generators we discussed today.

Gear discussed/used to record this episode:

Tentacle Sync Sync E

Ambient Recording NanoLockit

MozeGear TIG Q28

MozeGear TIG QBIT X2

Timecode Systems Pulse Base Station

Timecode Systems UltrSync One

Timecode Systems UltraSync Blue

Timecode Systems SyncBac Pro (for GoPro Hero 6 & 7)

Betso TCX-2+

AKG C414 XLS Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone - used to record this session

Sound Devices 633 Audio Recorder/Mixer - used to record this session

Copyright 2018 by Curtis Judd

Outro music licensed from Artlist: Call on Me by Kick Lee

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