Sound for Video Session: Quality, iOS Mics, Limiters, Monitoring, G4, Lavaliers, Cameras Audio, & Quiet Voices

In this week’s Sound for Video Session, we answer your audio for video questions:

00:12 Quality Difference Between USB and SD
01:04 iOS Mics
05:37 Limiters and Quality
06:31 Getting Audio to Boom Op
09:20 Sennheiser G4
12:57 Lavalier microphones directly to Mixer
16:43 Camera Audio
21:51 Quiet Voices

Gear and links discussed/used to record this episode: 

DPA d:vice - dual lavalier interface for iOS, Mac, PC

Sennheiser Clip-Mic Digital (Lightning)

Sennheiser MKE2 Digital Microphone (Lightning)

Shure MOTIV MV88 Stereo Microphone (Lightning)

Zoom iQ6 Stereo XY Microphone (Lightning)

Zoom iQ7 Stereo Mid-Side Microphone (Lightning)

RODE iXY Stereo Microphone (Lightning)

Sending wireless audio from your mixer with the Sennheiser G3 system:

WAV.REPORT’s First Look at the Sennheiser G4 wireless system:

Outro music licensed from Artlist: Keep an Eye by Back to Dream. Artlist provides high quality music tracks for your film and video projects. You can receive two months off an Artlist account by using our link.

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