Sound for video Session: Q&A

In this week’s live streaming session, we took sound for video related questions from many of you!

Gear and links discussed/used to record this episode: 

Zoom F8n Audio Field Recorder (2018):

Electrovoice RE20 Broadcast Microphone

Panasonic GH5s Camera - first time using this as a live stream cam. What do you think?

Panasonic 12-35mm f/2.8 OIS Lens

Blackmagic Design Ultrastudio Mini Recorder - This takes the HDMI output from camera to the computer so we can stream it

3.5mm TRS to dual 3.5mm TRS adapter cable- asked about a breakout on the session, here’s one option

Heil PL2T Desk Boom Arm for Microphone

Copyright 2018 by Curtis Judd

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