Sound for Video Session: Zoom F8 Firmware Update - Most of the F8n Features!

In this week's live Sound for Video Session, we covered the new firmware 5.0 for the Zoom F8 that was announced just this morning!

Now, many of the software features in the new F8n are available to owners of the original F8:

  • Advanced Look-Ahead Hybrid Limiters

  • Zoom AutoMix™ function

  • Improved TC accuracy when powered off

  • Digital Boost for headphone monitor (up to +24dB)

  • Selectable headphone Volume Curve

  • New "Fader Mode" view for home screen

  • Maximum fader level increased from +12dB to +24dB

  • F8 Control iOS app can now work together with FRC-8

  • Ability to record to SD card and USB Audio Interface simultaneously

This is great news! Not only is Zoom taking good care of their existing customers by providing all of these new features for free, this gives potential buyers of their new F8n confidence that Zoom will continue to take care of them into the future.

See our initial impressions of the F8n video:

Gear Discussed/Used in this episode:

Zoom F8 Audio Field Recorder - This one is no longer being manufactured, but some retailers still have some and then you can probably pick up a used copy at a nice price.

Zoom F8n Audio Field Recorder - The updated version of the F8 with all of these features plus some new hardware features.

Zoom F-Control - Hardware mixing control surface

Zoom F4 Audio Field Recorder - The "little brother" of the F8

Panasonic GH5s - my favorite small camera

Panasonic 12-35 f/2.8 OIS II Lens - one of the most versatile lenses I've ever owned

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