Lupo Superpanel 60 Series & SSI Color Quality

Jump to 7:40 for coverage of color quality, CRI. TLCI, TM-30-15, and SSI. See why SSI is probably the most useful for most filmmakers when evaluating color quality or matching lights.

See the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences paper describing SSI over at

Lupo is an Italian company which makes LED lighting for video and photography, mainly targeting the studio and professional markets. I’ve worked with their previous LED Fresnel DayLED and Superpanel 30 lights. In fact, the Superpanel Full Color 30 is a staple in my lighting kit. In this episode, we take a look at their newest Superpanels - the Full Color 60 and Dual Color 60. These are 1x2 LED panels that pack a lot of punch.

I also recently added a Sekonic C-800 color meter/spectrometer to my kit so that we can evaluate lights for our reviews. The C-800 measures color quality using CRI, TLCI, TM-30-15, and most importantly, the new SSI metric. SSI stands for Spectral Similarity Index. We cover why this is probably the most useful metric for assessing color quality vs. the others we have used in the past.

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Links to gear used in this video:

Lupo Superpanel Full Color 60 - Great 1x2’ LED panel light that works great not only as an effects light, but also as a key or rim.

Lupo Superpanel Dual Color 60 - Same as above but without the RGB capabilities and this one has more light output. I only need to set it to about 8% on the dimmer for most head and shoulders shots.

Aputure COB 120DII (Amazon) - used as one of the background lights

Lupo Superpanel Full Color 30 - a staple in my lighting kit for the last year. Great not only for its color effects, but also as a key, rim, fill, or flood.

Sekonic C-800 Color Meter/Spectrometer

Panasonic 12-35mm f/2.8 OIS Lens (Amazon)

Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K - used to shoot the talking head and most of the product shots

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