Sound Devices MixPre II Series with Paul Isaacs

Sound Devices recently announced an update to their MixPre series of recorders. The update brings some impressive new features including wide dynamic range recording (up to 142dB), 32-bit float recording, backup to USB Drive, longer pre-roll times, increased output levels on the MixPre 10 balanced outputs, and more. In this episode, we talk with Paul about the new features and where they'll be most useful.

Multistage analog-to-digital conversion patent

Sample 32 bit float files from MixPre II series

Comparison Chart of MixPre II Series models


MixPre II 32-bit Float Files Explained

Gear discussed and used in this episode:

Sound Devices MixPre Series II recorders - B&H

(I used the MixPre-10T first generation to record this session)

Hawk-woods Battery Adapters for MixPre-3 and 6 - B&H

Shure SM-7B - My favorite broadcast dynamic microphone. And no, with the MixPre, you do NOT need a cloud lifter or Fethead - B&H

Panasonic GH5S - my streaming camera - B&H

Panasonic 28-35mm f/2.8 OIS lens - super versatile zoom for the Panasonic GH cameras - B&H

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