Casey Talks to People: My Interview Where we Talk YouTube, Running a Business, & Working a Full-time Job

I had a great time talking with my new friend Casey Li about YouTube, running a business, and working a full-time job at the same time. Casey runs his own little production company and knows the software world as well, so we could relate on many levels.

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Working with Clients in Film & Video

Curtis and Cary talk about lessons learned working with clients. When you're hired to create a video for a client, your clients rely on you to not only produce a great video, but also to help walk them through the process. Often they don't have a lot of experience. Here are some lessons we've learned over the years to help you from making some of the same mistakes we've already made.

Curtis & Cary Judd are filmmakers who happen to be brothers. Join each week as we talk about pertinent subjects in filmmaking. From gear, technique, to lessons learned being on sets great and small. As music video, corporate, real-estate, educational, and human interest video creators, we prefer to keep our gear kits focused and fairly modest.

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