Special Pricing

Zoom F4 Special Pricing

If you’re in the market for an audio recorder with great preamps, timecode, and a rugged build, the Zoom F4 has special pricing over at B&H in August. Check the Zoom F4’s details over at B&H.

I’ll be wrapping up my work on our Zoom F4 course at the end of this month so you can learn how to use your new F4!

Zoom F4 Special Pricing

One of my favorite pro-sumer level audio recorders is the Zoom F4 (affiliate link to B&H which helps support my reviews). It was a very good value when it was priced at $650 USD, but now it looks like it is (at least temporarily) priced at $500 USD over at B&H Photo. If you've been on the fence, now may be a good time to jump in.

Here's my most recent comparison episode which includes the Zoom F4:

And here's my original review of the Zoom F4:

Izotope RX Advanced Special Pricing

RX advanced has become the core audio processing tool in combination with Audition for my projects. If you were considering investing in it, and it is not cheap, now may be a good time. You can buy RX 5 Advanced today and when RX 6 is released later this month, you get it as well. The pricing over at Sweetwater today is $299 which is far less than usual.

Dracast LED500 Light Special Pricing

If you're in the market for an LED panel light which can be powered via Sony NP-F style batteries, B&H has special pricing on the Dracast LED500 for the next few hours. $200 for a color-tunable LED panel with barn doors, good build quality, and a CRI of 95. Looks like a good, affordable, flexible lighting instrument.

Price Drops on Zoom F4 and F8 Recorders, FRC-8 Control Surface Coming Soon

Many of of you know that I am rather fond of the two Zoom F series recorders the F8 and F4. For me they strike a very good balance between price, quality, and feature set. The preamps are very impressive for the price, the build quality is good, and they have the features that independent filmmakers need.

And now, somehow, Zoom has managed to reduce the pricing on the F4 by $50 and the F8 by $100. The Value to price ratio just got even better. Nice work Zoom!

Earlier this month, they also announced the Zoom FRC-8, a control surface for the F4 and F8 which allows you to mix more effectively. Larger mixers/control surfaces like this make it much easier to manage the madness that can occur during production. I have one on order and will be reviewing it a few weeks after it arrives.

I expect that this will be a big improvement over the iPad app Zoom has for the F8. While the app is great for metadata entry and setting the gain before shooting, I did not find it to work well when in the heat of a recording. Smoothly moving the faders on a touch screen just wasn't the same because they would jump too suddenly. The FRC 8 also allows you to connect a USB keyboard making metadata entry even faster. Can't wait to try the FRC-8!