Lupo Dayled and Superpanel Lights for Video: Overview

What is unique about professional level LED lights for video? In this episode we take a look at the professional grade Lupo Dayled fresnel and Superpanel LED lights.

Links to gear discussed and used to record this session:
Lupo Lights now available in the USA from B&H:

Dayled 650 5600K
Dayled 650 Dual Color
Dayled 1000 5600K
Dayled 1000 Dual Color
Dayled 2000 5600K
Superpanel 5600K, No DMX
Superpanel Dual Color, No DMX

Ursa Mini Pro Cinema Camera - my main camera

Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 OS ART Lens - my main all-around lens

Sennheiser MKH 8050 Supercardioid Boom Microphone

Sound Devices 633 Audio Recorder/Mixer

Rosco 1/2 Soft Frost Diffusion

5 in 1 Reflector (with scrim) - this is the very first piece of gear that any photographer or filmmaker should buy. Well, maybe right after a basic camera and good microphone.

Copyright 2017 by Curtis Judd

Lighting for Video: Hard and Soft Light

When lighting your video, understanding the difference between hard and soft light can help improve the look of your video dramatically. It is also important to understand how to make light hard vs. soft, and know when to use which. We cover the basics here.

In this episode, we used the Aputure COB120 lights which are nice because with the add-on accessories, you can use this as a soft or hard light source. Here we used the Light Dome, the new fresnel lens, and some barn doors on the front of the lens.

Aputure LSC20 LED Fresnel Accent Light

At NAB 2016, Aputure announced a very cool little LED fresnel light they call the LSC20. This is designed primarily as an accent light, comes with barn doors and the ability to zoom the beam angle like a traditional fresnel. It also includes a slot for gels to either match your main lights or add a colorful accent. In addition, the light can be powered with 5-18V DC power which means you can use the included DC adapter, a USB charger such as those most phones use, or professional batteries like Sony VLock or Anton Bauer gold mount batteries. Looks like a pretty nice flexible and lightweight addition for location lighting kits.

The only bad news: they're not available just yet, but we should see them in the September 2016 timeframe.

Special thanks to Scott Vanderbilt who was kind enough to bring his brand new Sony FS5 camera to film this series.

NAB 2016: Convert Your Arri Fresnel to LED

At NAB 2016, we talked with Pete Smith at VisionSmith for an overview of their new ReLamp LED bulbs. With these, you can convert your old Arri or Mole-Richardson tungsten fresnel lights to LED at a fraction of the price of most of the current fresnel LED instruments on the market. Your fresnel still focuses just like with the halogen bulbs and the CRI for the daylight balanced bulb is 93, and for the tungsten balanced bulb is 98.

Looks like they're not available just yet, but I'm planning to buy one and review it once they become available.

NAB 2016: Aputure Light Storm COB 120t Hard Light

At NAB 2016, we talked with Ted at Aputure for an overview of their new hard LED light, the Light Storm COB 120t. I can finally tell you that I’ve had one of the first few off the assembly line and love this light. I’ve been in the market for an affordable fresnel LED with good color reproduction. While I don’t have the barn doors, softbox, beauty dish, or fresnel lens just yet, I’m looking forward to getting my hands on those for a full review. If you’ve watched any of my videos over the last couple of months, the back light (kicker) was the  COB 120t which I gelled with a CTB gel to match the daylight balanced Light Storm LED panels.

The tungsten color balanced version will be available by end of May along with the light shaping accessories. The daylight balanced and color tunable versions should be along in another 3 months.

Special thanks to Scott Vanderbilt who was kind enough to bring his brand new Sony FS5 camera to film this series. He used this opportunity to learn his camera, so please understand that he did us a huge favor and also learned when auto focus would work or not work. :)