Location Sound Podcast with Michael Helms

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It was my pleasure to be a guest on the Location Sound Podcast with my new friend Michael Helms, also known as Michael the Sound Guy. We cover a lot of production sound for video topics including recording gear, reviews, learning, and the joys of working location sound! If you haven’t heard the Location Sound Podcast before, I highly recommend you have a listen - a gold mine of information for people working in sound or people with aspirations to work in location sound. Check it out over at Apple Podcasts.

Casey Talks to People: My Interview Where we Talk YouTube, Running a Business, & Working a Full-time Job

I had a great time talking with my new friend Casey Li about YouTube, running a business, and working a full-time job at the same time. Casey runs his own little production company and knows the software world as well, so we could relate on many levels.

You can subscribe to Casey’s podcast, Casey Talks to People, in your favorite pod-catcher app.

Sound for Video Session: Troubleshoot, Mobile, Richer Sound, Noise, and ADR

In this week's Sound for Video Session we run through several questions:

- How to troubleshoot
- Does the Kaotica Eyeball really reduce room reverb for recording?
- Best gear to record podcasts on the road?
- How do I make my recordings more “full-bodied”?
- What can I do when I’m recording an interview and a snow removal blower is working outside?
- Which microphone should I use for ADR?

Gear used or mentioned in this episode:

Kaotica Eyeball

Electrovoice RE20 Dynamic Microphone (Voiceover for this session was recorded with this)

Tascam DR-60DmkII Audio Field Recorder

Antelope Orion Studio Audio Interface (Voiceover for this session was recorded with this)

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