My name is Curtis Judd. I have a passion for film and video making. And photography, which I consider a specialized variation on film-making.

It started 20 years ago when I was a freshman in university. You could often find me in the library in the photography section, sitting on the floor, mentally engulfed by a photography book. I should have been studying for some of my other classes, but I couldn't resist.

And then at other times, you would find me at the film school's theater, watching one of the classic films we were required to analyze. Ah, what days those were...

But somehow the practical side of me over-ruled all others and I graduated with a degree completely and utterly devoid of film or photography. Psychology. What was I thinking?! I still cannot explain it. I went on to get a masters degree in information systems which was a little better for my family and I.

But today, all these years later, when I'm not working as a software product manager or part-time photographer and videographer, I'm at home in the Rocky Mountains, learning some new element of filmmaking.

I especially love lighting and sound production. It seems like many of us assume that filmmaking is 99% about visuals. I think it is probably closer to 50% visuals and 50% sound, maybe even 60% sound. But whatever it is, it adds so much and most of my time and efforts are about making better audio for film.

So come on by. Set us up in your RSS reader (I like if you don't already have one set up). Ask questions. We, meaning me and the little community we have going, absolutely love questions because that's how we learn!

Contact me via email at Curtis at LearnLightAndSound dot com