Lots and lots of items in queue for upcoming videos. Here's a short list of some of the items:

  • Zoom announced their new F6 audio field recorder with some impressive specifications including dual analogue to digital converters and 32 bit recording. We’re supposed to hear about pricing in May and they should start shipping in June

  • Lupo has a new set of Superpanel LED lights roughly the size of ARRI Skypanels - 60cm. There are both RGBW and dual color versions and these things put out an amazing amount of light.

  • The new Sekonic C-800 photospectrometer should arrive in the next few days. This new color meter can evaluate lights using the new Spectral Similarity Index created by the Academy of Motion Pictures. This new index is better suited to measuring lights for filmmaking than CRI, TLCI, TM-30-15 and others.

  • Aputure Spotlight. Can’t wait to put this to use for creating more interesting backgrounds for interviews.