Make Your Audio Loud But Not Too Loud: Loudness Normalization Part 1

For a long time, I struggled to get my audio loud enough without over compressing it or making it clip and distort. And I also seemed to have a hard time getting the loudness of my audio to match from one episode to the next. Incredibly frustrating… But thanks to some recent developments in the broadcast TV world, I stumbled upon this concept called Loudness Normalization along with some standards specified by European and US broadcast agencies. And I learned about an online tool that can actually process your audio to these standards so that it is just the right loudness for your audience on YouTube, Vimeo or anywhere else online.

In the first episode we cover—an online service that can process your audio files so that they are just the right loudness. Then in episode 2 we’ll look at the technical details and how to do this loudness normalization using Adobe Audition.

Automate your loudness automation using Auphonic.

Ray Ortega is the guy that introduced me to this idea. Check out his podcast called The Podcaster’s Studio.